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A fun part of every journey is getting to know your traveling companions, and the same is true for the Free Seven-Day Writing Challenge. Now that you’re signed in, let’s get to know each other. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tell us about yourself in the comments section below.

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30 thoughts on “Say Hello

  1. patricia blackwell

    Hello! I’m Pat Blackwell, native Floridian, retired teacher/counselor,word lover, and polished procrastinator. I’ve been writing for years but have yet to get anything formally together. My preference is anecdotal snippets that have potential to affect others’ lives. While humor is my best loved style, I hope to write a devotional that aids the Christian faith-walk.

  2. Amanda Benson

    Hello! I’m Amanda Benson and I work with Patricia at Writing Your Life. I’m a wife and mom of two (12 and 14) and I work from home or whatever coffee shop is closest. I’ve written for years within the confines of my journal and in a blog with six whole followers, but the desire to publish something one day for a broader audience is my ultimate desire. This is my second writing challenge. I’m very excited to create some dedicated daily writing time and structure. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all of the possibilities and stories within me that I don’t know where to start. This is where the challenge is so fantastic. I just follow the prompts and write. I can always come back to something later that continues to call my attention. Or, I can choose to devote a little more time in the moment and keep going. Happy writing to you all!

  3. Ericka Parra

    Hi Everyone! I am Ericka Parra. Originally from Mexico. I have lived in Valdosta, Georgia, for twelve years. My husband John and our dog Blue are my everyday cheerleaders. I am happy to join you as my “traveling companions” – as Patricia mentioned above. I love to think that this week will be like a traveling experience. I agree with all of you, Patricia is a wonderful coach. I have learned a lot of techniques to improve my writing. I just finished writing a book following her advice. Interestingly, I wrote it in Spanish. Today, I am returning this summer to taking her online workshops. So, I could continue writing a bilingual book about my grandmother. She was the first female rural teacher in a little town in Mexico. My audience will be my bilingual nieces and nephews. Writing this book is my summers project. Let’s have fun!

    1. Amanda Benson

      Hi Ericka, I am delighted to hear about your recent accomplishment of writing a book in Spanish. How cool! I love your idea to get back into writing again with a desire to share about your grandmother’s story. So happy to have you along with us for this challenge and writing our lives!

  4. Cheryl Floyd

    Hello I am Cheryl Floyd, storyteller, former librarian/educator and life coach. I have begun a self-appointed four-month re-battical. I am not ready to use the word “retired” and feel that a sabbatical sounds like I need to be either ill or planning on accomplishing some great project. Instead, I have chosen to give myself four months of relaxation, rejuvenation, reinvention and restoration. This 7-Day challenge will be a perfect kick off to my re-battical. I am pleased to see at least three people on here that have taken my challenge to join me.

    1. Amanda Benson

      I love your idea of a re-battical and am delighted you are including WYL as part of your “re-” process. What a beautiful way to take care of yourself. I’m glad to walk alongside you on this road of words and stories galore.

  5. Kaye Byrnes

    Hello everyone … Kaye Byrnes here from Jacksonville, Florida. My dear friend Cheryl has been involved with Patricia for quite awhile and suggested I join the Writing Challenge….so here I am. I’m a professional storyteller (oral tradition) and the winds of life have blown me in unexpected directions. I’ve been discovering and exploring gifts I never knew I had. I’ve always considered myself a capable wordsmith but I’ve never seriously studied creative writing. I sense it’s time to play in this sandbox! Look forward to sharing and learning…

    1. Cheryl Floyd

      Yay! So happy to see you here Kaye. Can’t wait to play in this sandbox with you. Goodness knows, we have been playing in a few over the last twenty years. Let the games continue! Cheryl

    2. Amanda Benson

      HI Kaye, So glad you were willing to take Cheryl’s suggestion and join us! I’m excited to “play in this sandbox” with you, too. I so relate to your statement about considering myself a capable wordsmith but never really studied creative writing. I honestly have had my mind blown by how much I didn’t know that I didn’t know since starting to write with Patricia. I hope this opens your mind in new and amazing ways. Enjoy the journey!

  6. Vera Zimmerman

    Wow! That’s a lot of people. I’m Education Chairman of my local genealogical society and try to encourage our members to write about their own memories as well as about their ancestors. I am teaching Beginning Genealogy at the Cocoa, Florida, library this month and also encourage my class to write down their memories. I have a blog about my great grandmother, Belle Tisdale Booksh, called Belle’s Letters.

    1. Amanda Benson

      Hi Vera, Welcome! I’m delighted you are joining us and hope you come away with some great ideas to share with your class as well as contribute to your blog. Enjoy the journey!

  7. Judy Watkins

    This will be my first time to participate and I am looking forward to it.
    I have written with Story Circle for many years and have enjoyed sharing my stories with others.
    Judy Watkins

  8. Sarah Fine

    Hi, It’s June 17, 2018 and I am writing from Toronto, Canada. I am a bit confused as I see both 2018 and 2017 hellos… This is my 4th challenge and I really enjoyed the creative prompts and the writing and reading of all the responses. I am still loving retirement and have a few writing projects on the go.

    1. writing1

      The problem has been fixed. Thank you for pointing that out, and I’m sorry for any confusion. Welcome back to Challenge #4! We’re so glad you’re here.

  9. Suzie Shaeffer

    I’m Suzie Shaeffer, from Ormond Beach, Florida. I’m a retired librarian and have been a puppeteer and storyteller for many years. I’m slowly working on a couple of novels and also want to turn some of my recently-deceased mother’s memories into short stories. I am a passionate native plant gardener, dedicated to providing habitat for pollinators and other wild critters, and I’d like to turn some of that into an online blog.

    Even retired, I feel like there’s never enough time to dedicate to writing, although there’s loads of minutes frittered away each day. I’m embracing this writing challenge as a way to get me hooked on a daily writing habit. I’m also looking forward to being part of a this writing cohort!

    1. Amanda Benson

      Hi Suzie, So happy you are joining us. You are indeed correct: we do fritter away so many moments each day that could be dedicated to writing. I, too, hope this challenge gives us all a little more practice in a daily writing habit. What a valuable thing to get hooked on! Enjoy the journey.

  10. Barbara Spieker

    Hello; I’m a 63 year old newly laid off Social Worker. I always said when I retired I would start writing more seriously. While I cannot as yet say I am retired, I do want to focus now on writing. I realize I am a bit late… and wish I hadn’t put it off until this age. However, it will be fun to dabble, see what I can do and what might be out there for me. Plus, it will just be plain fun even though I’m sure a struggle at times.

    1. Kaye Byrnes

      Hey hey …. isn’t life grand? Here we are at our age, with decades behind us, engaging in a creative writing program TOGETHER!!! I’m so glad you’re joining in…it will be wonderful to see what we create. Love you.

  11. William Brennan

    I’m Bill Brennan. I’m a Psychotherapist and a Spiritual Director. I am also a storyteller. I want to learn how to write short stories, stories to tell and or flash fiction to help people to heal emotionally, and for fun.

    1. Amanda Benson

      HI Bill, I’m so glad you’re here with us! I love the specific goals you have of the genres you wish to learn more about, especially as a tool to help your clients. It is amazing to me how healing writing and sharing our stories can be. Enjoy the challenge!

  12. Janet Komanchuk

    Hi, I’m Janet Komanchuk. It’s good to meet everyone. I enjoyed teaching elementary students in Canada for many years. I amused myself by journaling about my humorous experiences in the classroom. When I moved to Brandon, FL I stumbled upon the Life Writing classes offered at Bloomingdale Library. There I had the pleasure of attending two of Patricia’s classes. I have written about my experiences with fibromyalgia and the help I have received in surviving this chronic, painful illness. I also write manuals and pamphlets for classes and workshops offered by the wellness work that facilitated my remission from Fibro.

    1. Cheryl Floyd

      Welcome Janet. Patricia’s classes are addictive. I met her five years ago and have jumped in with both feet for most of her offerings. I can truly say her classes have changed my life and offered me ways to express myself with the written word. I like to say I write to tell. I look forward to this week.

    2. Amanda Benson

      Hi Janek, I’m so glad you’re here with us. I already want to read about your humorous classroom tales! How amazing that you are using your love of words to share about your experience and tools that have helped you with fibromyalgia and help others. What gift. Enjoy the journey!

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