The hula hoop of my childhood is all growed up. I thought I was hot stuff with my yellow hoop that made a swooshing sound as it circled my skinny ten-year-old body. Today, hooping, as it’s now called, is quite the fad. There’s even a World Hoop Day celebrated all over the world.

I read where the oldest known hoop, made from grape vines, showed up in Egypt about 1000 BC, and hooping as a pastime took Great Britain by storm in the fourteenth century, resulting in a dramatic increase in dislocated backs and heart attacks. Today, just keeping the hoop from falling to the ground is no longer an accomplishment. Hooping has been elevated to an art form accompanied by dance, tricks, fire, and LED lights.

But let’s go back to our young days of simple plastic hoops. Did you have a hula hoop? If not, did you ever play with someone else’s hoop? Could you keep the hoop going? Did you do any hula hoop tricks? Did the circular motion required hurt your side like it did mine? Maybe you used a hoop for other purposes, to roll along the ground with sticks, for instance.

Today, write about your childhood version of hooping, or maybe you’re an adult hooper. Then tell us about that. If you want to see someone who knows what she’s doing with a hoop, check out this episode of Ellen as a student at Virginia Western shows her style.

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