Day Seven – Sunday, June 25, 2017 – History Through Objects

I have a 707-page book on my shelf called A History of the World in 100 Objects, compiled by Neil MacGregor from a BBC series of radio programs. All objects featured in both the radio shows and the book are housed in the British Museum in London; MacGregor is the museum’s director.

MacGregor and his staff sought to tell the story of human history from earliest recorded time to the present day, of both ordinary people as well as the rich and powerful. One of the oldest items is a stone chopping tool 1.8-2 million years old. Most recent are #99, a credit card, and #100, a solar-powered lamp and charger. Number 15 is a clay writing tablet from 3100-3000 BC. Writing goes way back.

How does this apply to you? Think of a story you’d like to write, but I want you to tell it using no more than five objects. This could be a story of childhood joys, married life, being a mom or dad, a profession you loved, any story you’d like to capture. Identify each object, give a brief description for those of us who cannot see it, and then write about its significance to you, how that item helps tell your story.


photo credit: bluesmoon Cuneiform tablets via photopin (license)

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