Free Seven-Day Writing Challenge!

~The Fun Way to Write Your Life Stories~

Free Seven-Day Writing Challenge begins Monday, June 18th

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Everyone must register, even if you’ve participated before.

You’re invited…

to participate in Writing Your Life’s Seven-Day Writing Challenge, and guess what? It’s free! That’s right. It doesn’t cost you a cent. Your only investment is a small amount of time, and the results could be life changing.

I’ve offered this challenge several times now, and more than 1,000 people from all 50 states and 10 countries have participated, and the stories were amazing. They made us laugh and cry and triggered other memories we had forgotten all about. I expect this summer’s challenge to be an even greater success, and with your participation, it will be.

THappy Pencilhis fun challenge starts on Monday, June 19th, and this is how the challenge works:

  • I ask you to commit to writing something every day. The amount is up to you—write a paragraph, a page, or ten pages. I encourage you to aim for ten minutes or 500 words each day. That’s two double-spaced, typewritten pages, but know that any number of words you write is a great accomplishment. You will be impressed at how much you can write in only ten minutes a day.
  • You receive a writing prompt designed to trigger memories each day for seven days. You can use this prompt to lead you to stories you might not have otherwise thought to write about or draw from your own list of story ideas.
  • You gain exclusive access to an online community of other writers participating in the challenge. In this forum, you can post your stories, make encouraging comments in response to others’ posts, ask questions, or just check in for the day.
  • Throughout the seven days, you receive random writing tips and bits of encouragement.
  • To wrap up the challenge and celebrate your success, I’m going to do a free Style, Grammar, Punctuation, and More Webinar on Tuesday, June 27th at 7:30 p.m. EST. Mark your calendars. Access information for the webinar will be provided to all registered challenge members at a later date.Plan to sign onto the webinar early the night of June 27th because participation in the live event that includes instruction followed by Q&A is limited to the first fifty (50) members to sign in. Everyone else can watch a recorded version of the webinar anytime during the following week.

If this sounds like fun, and believe me, it will be, enter your name, email address, telephone number, city, state, and country where you reside, and get ready for seven days of tiptoeing through the tulips of your memory.

But remember, in writing your life stories, the most important thing to know is:

The only way to do this wrong is to NOT do it at all!

So, are you ready for this writing challenge? I bet you are. Then click on the registration link below, and I’ll send you a free bonus prompt to get you warmed up and ready to go. I hope you take on this challenge because you will amaze yourself with the stories you write.

Click on the link to register:
Free Seven-Day Challenge Registration

 Even if you participated in a previous challenge or are currently on my email list, you must register to participate. All user information from previous challenges is deleted a couple of months after the challenge ends. Everyone must register!

Please share this challenge with your friends, post it on your Facebook page, tweet it, write it in the sky, if you’re so inclined. It’s an easy link to share– Wouldn’t it be great to have at least five hundred participants from all fifty states and as many countries as possible? Let’s get the word out and make that happen.

Want to hear what some participants said about the previous writing challenges? Then read on.

You have come up with some interesting things to write about. I never would have thought of stuff like that.

I have enjoyed all of the stories and learned some valuable lessons from the experiences of others.

Love the new friends I’ve met, and I do feel like they’re friends.  After all, we’ve shared some humorous, interesting, and deeply personal thoughts. New global friends.

Having a prompt each day has truly prompted me to write!  There’s a sense of responsibility when you agree to do something. THEN it happens.

I enjoyed so much the opportunity to have a set date for every topic, it helped getting me out of my shell where I was stuck. I know I have a lot to learn and practice, but I can feel my ideas flow a little better each day.

It has renewed my interest in recording autobiographical events. It has also made me disciplined to get bic (bum in chair!).

I like that there is someone to receive my writings, and even the forum with feedback from other participants. No one is holding my feet to the fire, but just knowing that someone expects me to write every day (beside just me) it is enough to keep me going. I also love the prompts and the wide variety of prompts, each so different.

Perfect timing; amazing creativity; self-paced.  You are extraordinarily generous with your time and encouragement, Patricia!

I enjoyed picking my brain using the hints and believe it or not, I could write something.  Before this I was just all filled up with anger by what my alcoholic father put us through.  This gave me a voice!

Having a reason to get the kids busy with something else, set aside housework for a while, and sit down to do the thing I enjoy most…writing!  I often put writing off because there’s always something more pressing that “needs” to be done. 

Click on the link to register:
Free Seven-Day Challenge Registration

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